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Kiss Cold Gin: Worthy of a Rock Star

In the ever-broadening world of spirits, there is no shortage of celebrity-sponsored products with a heavier emphasis on marketing than flavor. Because of poor releases in the past, people have become more hesitant to purchase products on star power alone. Thankfully, Kiss’s new gin has stuck the landing and is worthy of fans and adventurous drinkers alike.

Its flavor is bright, refreshing, and unique enough to stand out among a lengthy list of competitors, though it will not beat out higher-shelf alternatives anytime soon.

Cold gin is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a new gin or looking for a great gift for a KISS fan's birthday. To better understand the drink and its overall flavor, check out this quick breakdown of KISS Cold Gin.

Kiss Cold Gin: An Introduction

Kiss Cold Gin is a lemon and juniper heavy gin with an eye-catching bottle that immediately draws the attention of any passing person. The drink is a must-have for any kiss fan who enjoys unique flavors from their gin and tonics. The influence of New York City is clear throughout the label, with band members adorning various parts of the bottle.

One of the more unique features is the inclusion of a themed guitar pick with every bottle.

While it won’t be featured in the liquor cabinets of any serious gin enthusiasts, the drink is a tasty concoction that is far more than a simple cash grab from the rock n’ roll legends. A cheaper choice, Kiss Cold Gin is a great, affordable option for those looking to dip their toes into different gins without breaking the bank.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Kiss Cold Gin?

The alcohol by volume (ABV) for Kiss Cold Gin is 40%, the standard for most gins. For those who want a stronger kick from their gin, the Kiss Cold Gin Navy Strength sits at a much higher 58% ABV. Bear in mind, however, that gin has a snap that those unfamiliar may find off-putting initially.

What Is the History of Kiss Cold Gin?

Kiss Cold Gin and other Kiss liquors were created through a collaboration between the legendary rock band and beverage distributor Brands for Fans. Brands for Fans is a company based out of Sweden that has worked with several rock stars and bands, including Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, and even Def Leopard.

Kiss is one of the most recognized bands ever, and the marriage seemed obvious. What is surprising is the quality of the liquor itself. While it may seem like the drink was made to cash in on the Kiss name (because it likely was), they have made a very competent mid-shelf gin at a very reasonable price.

Unfortunately, the distributors have remained tight-lipped regarding the drink's creation process, so little is known about what goes into the bottle. What is known is that they are distilled in Sweden in column stills.

Where Is Kiss Cold Gin From?

The drink may be inspired by the Big Apple where Kiss got their start, but it is made an ocean away from its geographic muse. The gin is made in Sweden, where Brands for Fans keeps its corporate headquarters. Despite this, the drink can be found throughout the United States in physical locations and digital distributors.

When Was Kiss Cold Gin Created?

The KISS collection of liquors was created in early 2020 when Brands for Fans decided to make a line of spirits based on popular songs by the band. This collaboration saw a rise in popularity in several different liquors, particularly their Monstrum and Black Diamond rum. To branch out, Kiss Cold Gin was released in 2022 and marked the brand's first foray into gin.

What Types of Kiss Cold Gin Are There?

Kiss Cold Gin comes in the standard form, which sits at 40% ABV, though there is also the navy strength variation, packing a more powerful punch at 58% ABV. The Standard Cold Gin has bright, citrusy notes with a fusion of juniper, lemon, wood, and even licorice in the complicated taste. Vodka enthusiasts will find the drink an accommodating twist from what they are used to.

The more palpable cousin of Kiss Cold Gin is the Navy Strength alternative, which will come with a powerful initial kick once it hits the lips. Those familiar with the original Kiss Cold Gin will immediately notice the similarity in taste, as the flavor profile is nearly identical save for the added alcohol in the more expensive navy strength product.

What Ingredients Are in Kiss Cold Gin?

The company behind the tasty product may be tight-lipped about what specific ingredients go into the drink, though there are obvious candidates that stand out on taste alone. The refreshing taste of juniper can be detected immediately before a swirl of citrus, grapefruit, lemon, and angelica root starts to fight for their turn on your tongue.

Past the obvious flavors that refuse to be ignored, it will take refined tastebuds to get a complete profile of what goes into Kiss Cold Gin. There are definite notes of licorice and an earthy undertone to every sip, though they may be hard to notice for those with a less-trained tongue as the drink really kicks.

How Much Does Kiss Cold Gin Usually Cost?

Kiss Cold Gin is one of the more affordable options in the gin market, particularly for a bottle of quality liquor. It won’t sit on any top shelf, but it will comfortably give folks a delicious, fruity gin for no more than $41.99 a bottle. Their Navy Strength Gin is a bit more expensive, at $52.99 per bottle.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Kiss Cold Gin?

For a drink based on a 1974 rock song, Cold Gin has a lot of variety in what a consumer can use it for. Whether you want to drink it straight with a fellow Kiss fan, use it in a gin and tonic, or keep it as a reliable liquor for mixed drinks, it can wear many hats.

Gin is a liquor that can split a cup with most liquids and come out tasting better for it, and Kiss Cold Gin can be mixed with lemonade, tonic water, ginger ale, and even seltzer with excellent results. Foodies can lay out assortments of cold meats to compliment the surprising depths of flavor from their gin, and several cheeses also pair great with the rock-themed beverage.

How to Choose a Good Kiss Cold Gin?

While Kiss Cold Gin may be an excellent drink for those looking to try something different or gamble with a drink from a band they like, it will not be for everyone. The gin can be especially harsh at first, which may be offputting to those not into the sharper flavors in alcohol. Contrarily, the navy strength bottle may be a better fit if someone enjoys potency in their beverages.

Kiss Cold Gin is an odd drink. It doesn’t taste like a stereotypical gin, which surprisingly works in its favor. Its unique flavor is great for people who want to experiment with unusual gins or new flavors, though dedicated enthusiasts may find the taste strange and undesirable.

Where Can You Find Kiss Cold Gin?

The prevalence of the drink will depend on where in the world you live and how many liquor stores are in your area. The Kiss collection of liquors will not typically be available in most bars, and folks may be hard-pressed to find it in restaurants and taverns nearby. Similarly, it is not a drink well-stocked in more rural parts of the world.

Thankfully, in the age of the internet, there is no shortage of digital options, which will be your best bet for finding Cold Gin easily. Speakeasy has a lengthy list of Kiss liquors and similar alternatives for those who cannot find the product locally.

Kiss Cold Gin FAQs

Despite the growing popularity of liquor over the years, very little is known about gin and its various competing products. To give readers a better understanding of the drink, we will be going over a few common questions people have when considering the elegant spirit.

What Is Gin?

Gin is a liquor created by distilling neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries in or above the still. Juniper is the ingredient that gives gin its trademark flavor and is responsible for creating the refreshing taste and intense aroma for which the drink has become famous. Gin is known for its natural, earthy ingredients of various seeds, plants, and other fragrant flora.

What Flavor Is Gin?

Because of the natural ingredients and plant-heavy additions in the liquor, it is often described as having a woody, earthy flavor that is pleasantly pungent and refreshing. More unconventional products, like Kiss Cold Gin, can add other flavors like citrus, which can soften the blow of some of the more distinct notes in the drink.

What Benefits Does Gin Have?

The biggest perk of gin is how accommodating it is for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. If you have celiac disease, gin is a great gluten-free option for you to enjoy an evening of quality beverages with friends without stomach pain. Similarly, vegans can enjoy a guilt-free drink that is free of any animal products or substances.

Be wary of any gins with honey or cream-based ingredients, as they may not be vegan. Similarly, it is always good to check a bottle before assuming a gin is gluten-free, as individual companies may add ingredients that are not gluten-free to their gin products. That said, most gin products will typically accommodate those with unique dietary requirements.

Quick Summary on Kiss Cold Gin

glass of gin with lemon wedge

Kiss Cold Gin is a quality, mid-shelf gin with an unconventional, pleasant flavor that most casual drinkers will find very pleasing. The drink can mix well with most gin accomplices (tonic, lemonade, ginger ale) and can stand on its own when it comes to its taste. Enthusiasts may find the flavor a bit too close to vodka, however.

The drink is ideal for KISS fans, those looking for something different, and fans of brighter, citrusy gins. The gin has a more potent cousin, the Kiss Cold Gin Navy Strength, which will be preferable to those looking for a higher-potency liquor. While the drink is not unpleasant when taken straight, it has an intense kick, which can be difficult for more sensitive taste buds.

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