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Gus N Bruno: Try the Letterkenny Brew Gus N Bru in Real Life

Have you ever wanted to feel like a part of the Letterkenny cast? Or have you wanted to sip along with them as they drink Gus N’ Bruno whisky? If so, you’re in the right place and might be pleasantly surprised to learn that Gus N’ Bruno whisky is real and available to purchase online or at your local liquor store.

Gus N’ Bruno whisky comes straight to your door from the hit television series Letterkenny, and it even features the two adorable pups that you can see on the bottle in the snow. Ultimately, it’s an authentic version of the show’s hit whisky.

While it’s a good and affordable whisky, it’s important to know what you’re getting. Thankfully, we’re here to help. This article takes you through what Gus N’ Bru whisky is, where it comes from, how it’s made, and much more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this famous brand of whisky.

Gus N Bruno: An Introduction

Gus N’ Bru is an adaptation of whisky from the hit television series Letterkenny, which is about small town folks and what happens when they get into trouble. The show is a comedy series that follows rural Canadians and their misadventures.

Due to the show’s fame, a special release of the liquor from the television show was released. This is a version of old-style Canadian whisky known as Gus N’ Bruno whisky.

The whisky is a type of rye whisky that’s made in Canada and sold around the world. It’s the staple whisky of the television show and has a flavor that rye whisky lovers can enjoy.

What starts out as a spicy whisky quickly turns into a velvety and vibrant finish that will have you coming back for more. While it’s better as a mixer and to knock back in shot glasses, it’s not a bad choice to have over ice if you like the taste of a strong whisky.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Gus N Bruno?

Gus N’ Bru is 80 proof, which means it has an alcohol content of 40%. This is true for all Gus N’ Bru whisky, including the Saint Patrick’s Day special and any other versions of the liquor. Most Gus N’ Bru whisky is sold in 750ml bottles, so you get a good bang for your buck when it comes to alcohol content.

What Is the History of Gus N Bruno?

The history of Gus N’ Bru is tied to the history of the popular Canadian TV show Letterkenny. This show first began as a popular YouTube series that the creators called Letterkenny Problems.

While the show began as a YouTube series, it was adapted from YouTube and picked up by Crave in 2015. The show is now popular on the streaming service Hulu and its last season debuted in 2023.

While the show has come to an end, it’s still loved on streaming services and has won several awards including the Best Comedy Series and the Canadian Screen Awards.

As for the liquor, Gus N’ Bru is the liquor that the boys from the show drink. Therefore, it was taken from the show and brought into real life, so now anyone can taste and enjoy this Canadian rye whisky.

Where Is Gus N Bruno From?

Gus N’ Bruno is a Canadian old style whisky, so it has roots in Canadian whisky manufacturing. It’s also inspired by the television series Letterkenny, so in a way, it comes from this television show. That said, it’s more of an online brand and not a lot of information is available about where it’s from.

When Was Gus N Bruno Created?

Technically, Gus N’ Bruno was created in 2015 when the show Letterkenny was released; it’s the liquor that the boys drink on the show. However, the liquor that’s available for purchase today was released in 2024. It’s not available everywhere, with shipping options mostly being in the United States.

What Types of Gus N Bruno Are There?

When it comes to Gus N’ Bru whisky you don’t have to worry about fussing over several types of whisky. Primarily, there is one Gus N’ Bru blend of whisky and it’s a type of old style Canadian whisky.

However, there are also some limited edition releases that have a unique label. Some packages of Gus N’ Bru are also sold with merchandise if you’re looking to add more merchandise from your favorite television series into your wardrobe.

For instance, there is also a limited-edition Saint Patrick’s Day Gus N’ Bru whisky. This limited edition comes with some Saint Patrick’s Day merch and has a unique label. Inside the bottle is the same Gus N’ Bru whisky that people have come to know and love, so you don’t have to worry about any unique differences.

What Ingredients Are in Gus N Bruno?

Gus N’ Bruno has all of the ingredients that you like to see in an old style Canadian whisky. While rye is the primary ingredient on the mash bill, it also features other blends of whisky from across the region. This means that you’ll likely find corn, wheat, and even barley in the mash bill.

While it’s a common misconception that Canadian whisky is mostly made up of rye, most ingredients account for less than 50% of the mash bill. So it’s more of a blended whisky than a straight rye whisky.

Based on the flavor notes it’s likely that corn is one of the other primary ingredients in the whisky, but not much is known about the mash bill due to its recent release.

How Much Does Gus N Bruno Usually Cost?

Gus N’ Bru can vary in price depending on where you get it. When ordering the liquor online, expect to pay about $63 for just the bottle. However, when you start adding merchandise to the order or unique labels, like the Saint Patrick’s Day label, Gus N’ Bru can start to cost you more than $100. In fact, some packages can reach up to $200.

If you just want the bottle don’t expect to pay much more than $60-$70. This is what you can expect to pay whether you find it online or in a liquor store near you.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Gus N Bruno Whisky?

The best way to enjoy Gus N’ Bruno whisky is to sip it over ice or neat. This is how you can experience every flavor. You can also add some simple sweeteners to it to create a classic whisky old-fashioned or some other whisky drinks that don’t have too many additives.

Many people also love to enjoy this whisky as a shot, which helps you enjoy all of the flavors at once. Plus, it’s one of the smoother shots you can have, so you won’t be running for a chaser after your first shot.

Gus N’ Bruno is also a great value whisky for people who are looking for a whisky they can mix with something like Coca-Cola, or for a whisky sour. It’s not the most expensive whisky, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money by using it as a mixer.

Furthermore, Gus N’ Bruno is strong enough for you to taste most of the flavor through the mixer, so you don’t have to worry about mixers ruining the quality of the whisky.

How to Choose a Good Gus N Bruno Whisky

There is one type of Gus N’ Bru whisky, which means that you don’t have to worry about choosing the right or wrong one. The only other option is the Saint Patrick’s Day limited edition bottle, which is only different due to the label on the bottle. Otherwise, it has the same taste and alcohol content.

However, you may notice some differences when you visit the website for Gus N’ Bruno. You may notice special Saint Patrick’s Day bundles, options that come with clothing, and much more.

When it comes to choosing special packages, this comes down to your preferences. For big fans of the show, getting a shirt alongside a bottle of authentic Gus N’ Bruno whisky can be huge. However, for people who don’t care much for the show or just want to try something new, settling for just the bottle is fine.

Where Can You Find Gus N Bruno Whisky?

Gus N’ Bruno Whisky can be found in some liquor stores in Northern parts of the United States. You may also be able to find Gus N’ Bruno in some restaurants and bars in the same areas.

That said, the best place to get Gus N’ Bruno whisky is online because you don’t have to worry about leaving your home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting to your local liquor store or calling them, only for them not to carry Gus N’ Bruno whisky. Plenty of online retailers, including Speakeasy Co, carry the liquor and will ship it right to your door.

Gus N Bruno FAQ

Have questions about Gus N’ Bru? We have answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

Is Gus N Bruno Real Whisky?

Yes, Gus N’ Bruno is real whisky. While it used to be exclusive to the hit show Letterkenny, this is no longer the case. Today, you can find Gus N’ Bruno whisky online or at your local liquor store. There are even special releases with unique labels and merchandise.

Is Gus N Bruno the Same as Gus N Bru?

Yes, Gus N’ Bruno is the same as Gus N’ Bru. The main difference is that the whisky on the show has Gus and Bru on the label instead of Gus N’ Bruno. This was a design choice that the manufacturer made, but it’s still the same whisky that the people on the show enjoyed.

What Is Canadian Blended Whisky?

Canadian blended whisky is a unique type of whisky that’s found in Canada. What makes this whisky special is how it’s made.

Unlike other whiskies that have a specific ingredient as the majority of its mash bill, most blended whiskies don’t have a specific ingredient that’s more than half the mash bill. This is how you end up with barley, wheat, corn, and rye all in one whisky.

Feel Like a Part of Letterkenny With Gus N Bruno Whisky

bartender pouring whisky

Letterkenny is one of the most popular and highly-rated Canadian comedies of all time, and now you can enjoy the famous Gus N’ Bru whisky that they drink on the show.

While the whisky you can purchase has a slightly different label that reads Gus N’ Bruno, it’s confirmed to be the same whisky that the boys enjoy on the television show. Therefore, expect to be welcomed by a warm taste of old-style Canadian whisky that features a classic rye whisky flavor.

While you can enjoy a single bottle of Gus N’ Bruno whisky, you can also find package deals that include special labels, merchandise, and much more. Ultimately, you can go all in for Letterkenny while sipping in style!

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