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Amor Tequila: Everything You Need to Know

Amor Indio Tequila is quietly one of the most quality liquor brands on the market today. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, Amor has grown from its humble origin in the agave region of Mexico into one of the most sought-after tequila brands available today.

If you are an enthusiast of Mexican liquors or simply want to dip your toes into tequila-filled waters, then Amor is a perfect choice to wet your feet. To better understand the top-shelf tequila, let's cover all the facets of Amor Indio and its line of Tequilas.

Amor Tequila: An Introduction

Amor Indio is a tequila brand that has grown in popularity over the last few years due to its impressive range of products and the positive reviews they have received. Tequila is a liquor that was created in Mexico and is defined as liquor that is brewed with at least 51% agave. Any liquor not made in Mexico must be labeled a mezcal or agave spirit.

Depending on which type of tequila you get will determine its flavor, color, and the different aromas that will peak out from the bottle. Blanco is typically a clear, young tequila that provides the purest agave flavor. Joven will be younger, typically golden-hued tequila that can bear similarities to whiskey or cognac.

Reposado, which translates to restful, will be any tequila aged between two months and a year. The process will imbue a light brown or golden hue that typically resembles hay. Anejo is any tequila aged between one and three years and will have a darker hue than other tequilas. Finally, extra anejo is any tequila aged over three years.

Tequila is sometimes portrayed as a party drink, though products like Amor Indio push a gust of elegance and craftsmanship into an already crowded roster of liquors. If you want to try a tequila celebrated for its flavor and recognized as a classic, luxurious beverage, few tequilas will better impress than Amor.

What Is the Alcohol Content of Amor Tequila?

The severity of the alcohol by volume will shift from one bottle to another, but all tequilas sit between 38% and 40%. While tequila can range from 35% to 55%, it must be 40% to be legally considered tequila in the United States. However, taxation in Mexico for heavier ABV liquors has made several companies create less potent products to avoid financial strain.

What Is the History of Amor Tequila?

Amor comes from an area already famous for tequila well before the popular product started to grow wings throughout the continent. Tequila has become a vital export out of Mexico, and most of the liquor is produced entirely in the region of Jalisco. The drink is one of the oldest liquors in the world, believed to have originated with the Aztecs.

The Aztecs did not have access to the same distilleries and strict guidelines that we do today, and the drink they used to consume was a fermented agave concoction known as pulque. When the Spanish invaded in the 15th and 16th centuries, they refined this drink into a loose estimate of what we now know as mezcal.

By 1758, the drink was commercially produced by a little-known Mexican family called the Cuervos. By 1974, the drink became an exclusively Mexican product, which had to be made and distributed in specific parts of the country. One of these spots was Jalisco, where Casa Marengo distillery produces the complete line of Amor Indio tequilas.

Unfortunately, the process was not well-documented. Very little is known about how Amor Indio started and became one of the most quietly appreciated Tequila brands for enthusiasts today.

Where Is Amor Indio Tequila From?

Amor Indio comes from the Jalisco region of Mexico, where several tequilas have found a home. Jalisco has become an economic powerhouse for the country due to its thriving tequila industry, which has become sought after throughout the globe. Today, the brand is distributed by Casa Marengo Distillery, which also produces Marengo, Casa Chica, and Casa Verde.

When Was Amor Tequila Created?

There is no official start date for Amor Indio, though the product is the flagship brand of the popular Mexican distillery Casa Marengo. The distillery was the product of a familial push by Don Joaquin Gonzalez to establish a tequila brand using the agave found on his land. This decision took time, but it resulted in one of the more successful distilleries in the country.

What Types of Amor Indio Tequilas Are There?

Casa Marengo has five Amor Indio products, all reflecting the best qualities of differing tequilas. Whether you want the sharper, unfiltered taste of a blanco or the more experienced, smoother finish of an extra Anejo, Amor Indio has you fully covered.

Amor Indio Plata

Widely claimed to be the best blanco tequila in the world today, Amor Indio Plata is the enduring mascot of the brand, establishing itself as an irreplaceable frontrunner. The Plata is second to none if you want the best example of a blanco with hints of citrus and pepper.

Amor Indio Reposado

The Reposado is the Plata with a bit more age and travel underneath it. The Reposado spends a few months in the state of Missouri, where it is aged in American Oak to get its trademark flavor. It has a taste of agave, oak, vanilla, and a hint of citrus that permeates throughout each sip.

Amor Indio Anejo

Another product that spends its adolescence abroad, the Amor Indio Anejo is a wonderfully aged tequila that spends 28 months aging in American Oak. The Anejo has a more developed flavor than the Reposado, with the flavor of the vanilla and oak taking center stage over the rich agave taste that the drink is known for.

Amor Indio Extra Anejo

The eldest sibling of the brand, the Amor Indio Extra Anejo, has quickly become the pride and joy of Casa Marengo. Poured into sherry oak barrels, the tequila is aged for at least five years before it is released to the public. For a tequila that has been given time to establish a deeper, more complex flavor, the Amor Indio Extra Anejo is a tremendous top-shelf choice.

Amor Indio Cristalino

The Amor Indio Cristalino has been aged for one year and filtered with charcoal to remove the golden hue that comes from sitting in a cask or barrel. The resulting product is a liquor with all the added notes of the Reposado and a bright, punchy snap of the Plata. If you are looking for a comfortable middle ground between a Blanco and Reposado, the Cristalino is ideal.

What Ingredients Are in Amor Tequila?

To be considered tequila, all tequila must be made in Mexico, with at least 51% of it containing blue agave. Tequila is also prohibited from using any chemical or artificial additives, making the ingredients exclusively natural products such as plants, spices, and fruits.

The different Amor Indio tequilas have unique ingredients, though some have crossover. The Plata includes citrus, white pepper, and cooked agave, while the Anejo is drenched in oak flavor, with ingredients like caramel and vanilla helping it stand out. The Cristalino might be the most exotic, with sage, lemon, french oak, and orange zest all filling out its ingredient list.

How Much Does Amor Tequila Usually Cost?

The price will be anywhere from 90 to 300 dollars, depending on where you get the tequila and which type of Amor Indio you get. For those looking for the base Blanco, the price will be 90. For those looking for the extra Anejo that has been sitting in a barrel for the last five years, you can expect to pay somewhere around $265

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy Amor Tequila?

There is no bad product in the Amor Indio line, and some more traditional tequila enjoyers may prefer to drink the beverage neat or sipped with a flute or shot glass. For the Blanco, it isn’t uncommon for people to use the tequila in cocktails and mixed drinks, though there are less expensive tequilas for margaritas if you are strapped for cash.

If you want your tequila to be perfect, you can try to keep the temperature around seventy degrees to ensure every flavor comes out of the drink. Like most hard liquors, you can’t go wrong pairing Amor Indio with any number of meats, though chicken, steak, and pork are usually the frontrunners for dinner choices.

How to Choose a Good Amor Tequila

There is no wrong choice if you are looking for a quality Amor Indio tequila. If you are looking for a good tequila in general, you must know a few guidelines for judging a tequila. The first is to ensure the tequila is 100% agave and free of chemical or artificial ingredients. Second, you will need to know the type of tequila you want.

While Blanco may have the most pure taste, it can also be very sharp compared to a tequila that has had time to mature in a cask. Similarly, an Anejo may have a more complex taste and nose, though it may drift away from the characteristic tequila flavor many love. Finally, always try a tequila neat first to get an unbiased taste of the liquor.

Where Can You Find Amor Tequila?

While the product may be available on the top shelves of local liquor stores, it will largely depend on your area and how many stores are near you. Bars and taverns may have the product, though it is not a common brand at every haunt and hole in town and may be harder to find in less populated areas.

Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet where all products, both big, small, and uncommon, can be delivered in under a week. There is no shortage of places to find the product online, and Speakeasy offers its entire collection along with several bundles.

Amor Tequila FAQs

To give folks a better idea of what goes into making tequila and some common misconceptions about the liquor, we will answer a few common questions regarding the process. While these won’t be mind-altering for tequila enthusiasts, they may offer insight to those newer to agave spirits.

What Makes a Liquor Tequila?

For a liquor to be tequila, it must be made with a majority of blue agave plants during the distilling process. It must also be made in specific regions of Mexico and measured between 35% and 55% ABV, or it will not be classified as tequila. While this may seem strict, these restrictions are found in several spirits, such as cognac, bourbon, tequila, and more.

Where is Tequila Made in Mexico?

While the product is without question a Mexican export, it is not made in every region of Mexico. To make tequila, you must live in Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, or Nayarit. Jalisco is by far the biggest exporter of Tequila, accounting for more than seventy percent of all tequila products.

What’s the Difference Between Tequila and Mezcal?

To make a fairly complicated and in-depth answer short, tequila is the pickier cousin of mezcal. Tequila requires a specific type of agave plant, while mezcal can use any variation of the fruit. Mezcal also tends to smoke the agave underground, which creates a deep, smoldering flavor that mezcal has become known for.

Last Call on Amor Indio Tequila

shot glasses of tequila with lime

Amor Indio is an incredible-tasting brand of tequila that has not gotten the same acclaim as more well-known products while offering considerably more substance. The depth of flavor and pleasant nose on the various products is nothing short of exceptional, and the Amor Indio Plata stands out as one of the best Blancos to grace the public.

If you want a gift for a loved one's birthday or a drink to impress your tequila-obsessed peers, Amor Indio is a fantastic brand to dig your claws into.

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