Women’s History Month - Celebrating Speakeasy Employees

Women’s History Month - Celebrating Speakeasy Employees

By Josh Jacobs
Co-Founder and CEO, Speakeasy Co.

We’re all about celebrating women all the time. Even though International Women’s Day was earlier this month, March is Women’s History Month, and we’re excited to highlight some pretty impressive women on the Speakeasy team. We’ve asked them each one question: What does it mean to you to be a woman working in the alcohol space?

Elizabeth Sanders, Partner Success Manager at Speakeasy

Elizabeth has 12 years of experience in e-commerce, working for agencies and running brands of her own, as well as sales for a SaaS company. She’s driven by results and how to get there, and is inspired by others’ determination and success, with a relentless drive to achieve her own goals. For her entire career, she’s worked mostly with males and has had to earn respect in the workplace as opposed to it being intrinsically given to her.

“I think being a woman in any male-dominated space means you have to have the guts to exude confidence even if you feel a little uncomfortable doing it. I’ve learned that in most cases, you gain respect by standing up for yourself. It’s exciting to me to see the industry progress with more women in leadership roles, which has a snowball effect motivating other women in the space and gives us more opportunities to support and empower each other. As an aside, I’m better at drinking beer than most men (and happen to be quite knowledgeable), and I have a very open mind when it comes to trying new spirits, so it’s fun to be able to merge that with my career and learn more about the industry every day."

Kim Nguyen, Director of Marketing at Speakeasy

Kim came to Speakeasy after building an impressive career in digital ad buying, analytics, and working with DTC brands in multiple industries outside of just the alcohol space. She’s helped multiple businesses scale their revenue in e-commerce online. She’s also a watercolorist and self-proclaimed foodie.

“I consider myself a newcomer to the alcohol space (although it’s already been a fast-paced two years!), and am thrilled to be a part of what I see is the future of beverage alcohol retail. I am lucky to be surrounded by other inspirational women who are paving the way in the industry.”

Cara Morrison, Chief Financial Officer at Speakeasy

Prior to joining Speakeasy in 2021 Morrison served as Chief Financial Officer of IDW Publishing, a leading comic and graphic novel publisher, where she held various leadership roles during a decade-long tenure with the business. She began her career with KPMG, is a licensed CPA, and serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of Traveling Stories, a children's literacy nonprofit.

“There are so many changes and opportunities coming about in the alcohol space. At Speakeasy we are working to further the innovations while also prioritizing people and a diverse culture. It's been exciting to be part of this over the past year and I look forward to seeing the continued growth in the industry.”

Julie Purpura, Partnerships Associate at Speakeasy

Julie has worked with the NY Wine & Culinary Center (now called ‘New York Kitchen’) and the NY Wine & Grape Foundation in helping promote family-owned wineries. She has spent the last 20 years following her two greatest passions: education and wine. She is a certified level two sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, has attained her WSET level 3, and is a certified specialist of wine through the Society of Wine Educators.

"I'm proud to be a woman in the craft beverage industry and honored to work alongside so many strong, bright, creative, and talented women who elevate this industry through strategic and innovative products, marketing, technology, education, and sales. There are so many exciting and growing facets that I get to be part of and make happen.”

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