Common Promotions to Increase Sales Throughout the Year

Common Promotions to Increase Sales Throughout the Year

As an alcohol brand in the e-commerce space, it is essential to find ways to increase sales throughout the year continuously. With the increasing popularity of online shopping and the constant introduction of new brands, one way to stand out is by offering promotions to your customers. Promotions attract new customers and encourage repeat customers to make purchases. This article will discuss the numerous promotions e-commerce brands can implement to increase sales throughout the year. 

Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal promotions are a great way to drive sales and increase revenue during peak times of the year. Offering discounts and deals on specific products during holidays and special occasions can entice and remind customers to purchase for upcoming events or as gifts. For instance, holidays such as Cinco de Mayo or National Margarita Day can be leveraged to promote special deals on tequila and margarita mixers. World Whiskey Day provides an excellent opportunity to promote and sell premium whiskeys as enthusiasts and collectors seek out rare and unique spirits to add to their collections. Businesses can entice customers to celebrate and indulge in these popular beverages by creating buzz around these festive occasions.

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Subscription Services

Subscription services are becoming increasingly popular and are a terrific way to increase return customer sales. For instance, by providing a subscription option, customers can subscribe to regular deliveries of their preferred alcoholic beverages, which provides a reliable source of revenue for your business. In addition, whiskey and wine clubs have also gained popularity among customers, providing a unique and exciting way to explore new tastes and expand their palate. By offering subscription services, you can entice customers with exclusive products, discounts, and personalized recommendations based on their tastes and preferences. These benefits help to enhance customer loyalty, making it more likely that they will continue to purchase from your business. Wine and whiskey clubs also offer additional benefits, such as access to limited-edition and rare products, exclusive events, and educational resources.

source: Westward Whiskey

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a popular promotion in the eCommerce industry and an excellent way to increase sales and order value for your businesses. By offering free shipping on orders over a certain threshold, customers may be more likely to purchase more than they originally intended to save money on shipping costs. Additionally, you can promote free shipping during certain holidays or special occasions as an additional incentive to complete a purchase.

source: WhistlePig

Limited Time Offers

Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency and scarcity and prompt customers to purchase something only some can get or have. By offering a discount or special deal for a limited time, customers feel they need to act quickly to take advantage of the promotion. This can be particularly effective for new products or items that are limited in quality and in high demand.

Newsletter Sign-Up Discount

A newsletter sign-up with a discount code is one of the most commonly used incentives for customers to give you their email. By offering a discount or other incentive for a customer's email, you can quickly increase the size of your email list and have a direct way to contact already interested customers. Email newsletters are the best way to inform interested customers about other sales, promotions, new product drops, or brand updates they may not otherwise seek out. By keeping your brand consistently present in a customer's mind, they are more likely to think of your brand first when looking for a gift or next addition to their home bar.

source: Hotel Tango


Bundles are a great way to increase sales and offer value to your customers. Bundles can include different products or variations of the same product. For example, a ready-to-drink (RTD) hard seltzer e-commerce brand can offer a bundle of different flavors or a 4-pack of seltzers with a branded logo piece of merchandise (such as a hat). Bundles can encourage customers to purchase more items at once or offer an additional item that makes completing the purchase more attractive. This can be particularly effective if you bundle complementary products, such as providing a set of branded rocks glasses with a bottle of whiskey.

source: Laws Whiskey

In summary, implementing promotions is a key strategy for alcohol e-commerce brands to increase sales and maintain customer loyalty. Seasonal promotions, subscription services, free shipping, limited-time offers, or email newsletter incentives are all effective ways to attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases. By experimenting with these promotions and tracking their success, alcohol e-commerce brands can continuously improve their sales and customer retention. It is important to keep in mind that promotions should be tailored to the brand's target audience and aligned with their value. When executed effectively, promotions can help alcohol e-commerce brands stand out in a saturated market and drive long-term success.

By Gabi Degen-Nosek

Speakeasy Co Paid Media Specialist 

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