Benchmarks for E-Commerce Sales

Benchmarks for E-Commerce Sales

By Sommer Burbank

When it comes to tracking key performance indicators for your direct-to-consumer business, it can be difficult to figure out where you stand in comparison to your competitors. Is your cost per acquisition (CPA) miles ahead of your industry competitors, or do you need to further optimize your campaigns to reach new heights?

General benchmarks can vary by industry (E-Commerce, Retail, Food & Drink, Alcohol); platform (Google, Microsoft, Facebook); network (Search, Display); campaign type (Search, Shopping); and more. Check out our collection of overall e-commerce and alcohol-specific e-commerce metrics below to see how your brand measures up to overall industry data in the US.

Average Performance Metrics for E-Commerce

E-Commerce Click Through Rate (CTR): 2.52%

Google CTR: 2.69%

Facebook CTR: 1.59%

Alcohol E-Commerce Cost Per Click (CPC): $2.64

Google CPC: $1.16

Alcohol E-Commerce Facebook CPC: $3.30

Alcohol E-Commerce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): $60.15

Google CPA: $45.27

Alcohol E-Commerce Facebook CPA: $64.45

E-Commerce Conversion Rate (CVR): 2.57%

By Device

  • Desktop CVR: 3.90%
  • Mobile CVR: 1.82%
  • Tablet CVR: 3.49%

By Platform

  • Google CVR: 2.81%
  • Facebook CVR: 3.26%

E-Commerce Average Order Value (AOV): $109.23

E-Commerce Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): 297%

Google ROAS: 200%

Alcohol E-Commerce Facebook ROAS: 186%

E-Commerce Add to Cart Rate: 11.60%

E-Commerce Cart Abandonment Rate: 69.80%

How Do You Compare?

Benchmark data is great for comparison purposes, but remember: every brand is different. Use industry data as a tool to help you set & adjust goals that are specific to your own business, then consistently optimize your landing pages, campaigns and more to increase your e-commerce store performance.

For tips on increasing your average order value specifically, be sure to check out our 3 proven strategies!


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