3 Creative Canva Hacks to Improve Your Assets

3 Creative Canva Hacks to Improve Your Assets

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create unique custom content for social media, presentations, posters, ads, invitations, and other visual content for both print and digital. Many Brands utilize Canva frequently because of its user-friendly and simple format which makes creating your brand's content stress-free and swiftly.

When it comes to creating your brand's custom designs in Canva you want to keep in mind a few things; your branding guidelines of voice and feel, your brand's quality of images and logos and content as well as keeping up with current trends that your target audience is going to engage with.

While Canva does make graphic design much easier, there are still a number of Canva tips and tricks that may not be as obvious to a new user, but can potentially save you hours of time. Follow along to learn 3 Creative Canva Hacks to Improve Your Assets.

1. First and foremost - Create your “Brand Kit”

Your brand has a number of Logos, Fonts, Colors, and styles used for different aspects of branding, and the best way to maintain consistency with your brand's voice is to create a brand kit in Canva to house your unique preferences.

The brand Kit allows you to build a brand from scratch or add your existing brand assets so you can stay on-brand with every design. Once designed, you can access pre-set brand fonts, brand logos, brand colors, and pre-designed brand templates, from corporate design templates to creative presentations and more.

The steps:
  1. Navigate to your Canva homepage.
  2. Click Brand Kit from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Click the button labeled “Add New”. to add a new color.
  4. If you already have a Color palette, Fonts, and Logos established, you can click the + tile to add or upload.

Once you have added your brand kit, as your begin creating custom content you are easily apply branding selections to every design.

2. Background Remover

Canva Pro makes what once was a timely, complicated process of removing your subject from a background easier than ever before. When it comes to brands with limited assets Canva background remover is a complete game changer.

Background remover allows you to pull the subject from any photo and lay it on top of other backgrounds and images solo. When it comes to brands with limited resources or short timelines you can add your brand's product to countless creations with just a click.

The Steps:
  1. Select any image you have uploaded to Canva
  2. Click “edit image” on the top bar
  3. “BG remover” in the Effects section

In the case that Canva has not perfectly captured your focus item, simply click “select a brush” and choose “erase” or “restore”

Now that you have focused on your item or person, you can apply different backgrounds and text to fill your space with the fun creativity you are highlighting.

3. Adding Hyper-Links to Designs

Did you know that you can add hyperlinks to any text, images, elements, or videos (when saved as a PDF) when creating your design in Canva?

Add hyperlinks

The Steps:
  1. Create or open an existing design.
  2. Click to select the element you want to add a link to.
  3. Click the Link button or the chain icon on the toolbar above the editor.
  4. Enter the website link.
  5. Click Apply.

Hyperlinks remain clickable by publishing your design as a PDF or by presenting it. This tool is useful for brands who are creating pitch decks, brand presentations or even creating brand events via email invite. Simply create your invitation, link the event page to the page, and attach it to your email.


Canva is an amazing graphic design tool that brands can utilize as a team with separate accounts or solo, both paid and free. Here we went over a few of Canvas's vast capabilities, but there are many more tips and tricks to take your brand's assets to the next level such as overlays, frames, templates, and resize tools.

Once you have mastered these few, stay tuned for part 2 to continue to accelerate your brand's assets year-round.

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