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St Augustine Distillery

The Saint

The Saint

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57.2% ABV / 114.4 PROOF

Note – This is a barrel-strength product. Proof may vary with each release.

This exclusive spirit is made by finishing our award-winning Florida Straight Bourbon in barrels that previously held our Old Fashioned Mix. We bottle it at barrel strength. So smooth, that you absolutely will not believe that you are drinking a high-proof spirit!

COLOR: Deep, rich amber. Tremendous depth.

NOSE: Warm and smooth, with notes of toffee, winter fruit and mulled wine spice, hints of citrus.

TASTE: Unbelievably smooth. Silky mouthfeel. Taste starts with ripe cherry and chocolate, followed by notes of aromatic bitters. Sweet overtones develop into dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla, with a gentle warmth that starts deep in your chest.

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